Sketching Loose and Rough

Sketching Loose and Rough

As a design student in college years ago, we used to sketch daily and come up with interesting shapes for our projects. I used to sketch loose without any precision or detail time to time during thus days and it was a great experience for several reasons. In this post I would like share them with you.

Sketching loose makes practicing less boring

Image below shows my early stages of me using Copic Markers. It was a messy rendering with markers but it was loose and rough which made my first rendering practice less boring, I was not bothered whether I would get a clean lines or sharp detail and bore myself with technical stuff such as how how shadows work, how to hold a marker etc.



Sketching loose gives you new ideas 

When you sketch loose you tend to be less tense, giving freedom to your imagination and hence come up with new forms and ideas. If you feel tense or not relaxed then perhaps you should try to sketch loose, do some quick sketches and see if it helps!


Sketching loose saves you time

Let’s be honest here, when you sketch loose in a relaxed state you tend to sketch quicker, this will save you time and let you do more other stuff, or sketch even more!

Sketching loose improves your skills faster

Considering above theories, sketching loose will save you time, which you might use it to sketch more, and when you sketch more you do more mistakes or get better at drawing. And at the end you will progress much quicker compared to when you draw one thing for a long time.

Sketching loose will bring you to come up with you own sketching style

If you pay attention to my drawings, they all have a similar style in them, they are unfinished, rough, few hatches here and there etc. If you’ll keep sketching you’ll get to a stage where you’ll discover your own style.

Sketching loose will keep you relaxed

Especially your muscles, you do not need to apply too much pressure or focus on one thing for a long period of time, thus at the end of the session I say you will be less tired.

Sketching loose will keep you going

Sketching loose will let you keep sketching even if you do mistakes, because mentally you will think it’s a rough loose sketch, thus mentally you care less, so more likely it won’t effect your mood negatively if you do mistakes or something goes wrong, and you will keep going from one drawing to another without ruining your momentum.003

No excuses, you can sketch loose anywhere

You can sketch even on the go, get a small sketchbook and keep it in your bag. You can sketch it while on the bus going to work, or on the train, this means you don’t need a large desk and rulers etc., and you don’t have to be worried about smooth strokes, but concentrate on ideation and creativity.005

I hope this article was somehow helpful for you. Do not forget that you should do what suite you more, what works for me may not work for you. Keep exploring and learning and things will start happening at some stage!


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