Sketchbook Talk – Fill the Spaces

Sketch of cars random rough drawing

Sketchbook Talk – Fill the Spaces

When i design sketch or doodle, i tend to use the available paper space and fill it with my ideas. I fill the whole page with sketches and drawings whether they look good or not, pointless, or just random shapes, no matter what, I just put them on the page. I have seen many times where people take a clean paper, sketch one or two items and move on to the next page. You have got to fill the spaces! Be it a whole car, or exterior details, or just random lines, just fill the empty spaces. Picture below shows 4 pages from my sketchbook…


So my tip is, do not leave any empty spaces, unless you are working on your final presentation of your object, be it a car or an electric razor (product designers love electric razors for some reasons!). Fill the empty spaces. Any idea that comes to your mind, sketch them, empty your mind, like Zen Master’s story about cup goes, when you empty your mind, you will get more ideas flowing into your mind. It is also challenging to sketch in a limited space that is available on your paper, so you will think little bit harder before you put the pen on the paper.


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