Sketch Practice – Bugatti Veyron

Sketch Practice – Bugatti Veyron

This step by step sketch practice is very rough and simple. Idea here is to purely practicing without worrying much about the details or cleanliness of the sketch. If you want to get better at sketching you have to do practices like this every day – whenever you can. Before you sketch, forget trying to be too perfect, keep it loose and rough. I did not use any reference images but you can if you like.

Step 1

As usual we start with basic lines in order to position our object in space. Get the outline and proportion right, try to imagine the object in space. Locate the wheel arches but don’t draw any details

Step 2

Here we slowly start adding details: front and side windows, front head lights, grill, side grills, skirts, rear intake coolers etc. Keep it rough and loose!bugatti-veyron-sketch-02Step 3

Once you are happy with the overall shapes and proportions, throw in some detail into them, each object that you drew in previous step has its own small details. For example front head lights have it own inner objects, led lights or whetever you call them. Grills have profile around them so you can either hatch them or try to show the thickness of the profile. Through the front window and side, you will see interior details so go ahead and add them into you drawing. Detail each object but again stay loose, try to draw faster and spend less time detailing one object, otherwise you’ll get stuck at detailing one thing and forget the

Step 4

Add wheel details. I went for a 5 spoke wheel design, you can do any other design you like. Keep the line weight loose just in case you make a mistake. It will be easier to ix a mistake it the line weight is very light! Try, explore, be creative and keep experimenting. bugatti-veyron-sketch-04

Step 5

Step five is to add more details to our wheels. Add some hatching. Cool thing about hatching is you can hide you mistake with it. Any crooked line or few mistake just hatch them lightly and they’ll slowly fade into the

Step 6

Last stage is to just keep adding details and hatching until you are happy. At this stage i’m quiet happy. It took me 15-20 mins to sketch this piece of work. Don’t forget to add reflections, and keep it loose and keep experimenting!


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