How to Draw Cars Top View

Car drawing from top view

How to Draw Cars Top View

Step 1

When drawing cars from top view, we again start our sketch with favourite step, the centre line. Instead of placing the car on top of the line like we do in other tutorials, this time the line represent the centre of the line when you looking from above.
Sketch a Day 009_TUT Top view 01

Step 2

I usually sketch the wheels straight away, as it gives you the overall proportion and size of the car, feel free to experiment here. Draw the wheels and their centre line lightly, distance between them is equal to 3 wheel, roughly. Make the rear wheel wider or thicker if you wish, and you decide which side is front or back…

Sketch a Day 009_TUT Top view 02

Step 3

I decided the left side is rear, so i made the right side more pointy, for aerodynamics! This step is simple, start drawing a box , give your car a silhouette, also don’t forget to design the shape during this process. Keep the symmetry clean and sharp. Check out my blog post and see how you can cheat symmetry easily here

Sketch a Day 009_TUT Top view 03

Step 4

Once you have the ‘box’, i usually divide the middle of the car into three parts, front window, the middle part with two side windows, and the rear window. Keep playing with the shapes and forms, design the windows. Keep the lineweights light, once you are happy with the forms and shapes, you can push the pencil harder and get thicker line weights. Don’t forget to checkout a post on line weights here…

Sketch a Day 009_TUT Top view 04

Step 5

Once you have the proportions and main shapes correct, start adding details, it is totally up to you at this stage what to sketch. Again, don’t go into full detail sketching of a particular part (i.e. head lamps), keep it simple, do outlines and basic forms as simple as possible, get the positioning and proportion right.

Sketch a Day 009_TUT Top view 05

Step 6

Finally, keep adding detail as much as possible, but if ur short on time, you can stop here (this stage may never end though). Main point is to express your design ideas, or just to practice and sketch something different. Keep practicing, don’t forget to subscribe!

Sketch a Day 009_TUT Top view 06

  • Rohan Baidhya
    Posted at 06:53h, 20 June Reply

    God damn it! This is such a genuine tutorial. Thank you very much. I have always been wanting to design a concept vehicle since a long time. Kind of quenched my thirst for the design though. I hope I can proceed further with the 3rd angle orthographic projection from here. Thanks again! :)

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