How to Draw Cars Front View

Car Sketch Draw Front Audi A6

How to Draw Cars Front View

Hey! Welcome to another tutorial. In this post i will walk you through the process of drawing cars from front view, it mainly involves using proportions correctly, and with the help of elementary shapes i will show you how easy it is to sketch a car from front view and level up your sketching techniques. There will be no use of perspective so it is perfect for beginners if you are only starting, just get your pen and paper, get into a creative mood and let’s get started…


Start off by drawing the ground level, which you should do all the time when drawing transportation. Ground level/ground line basically places and determines the positioning of your object in a paper before you sketch anything.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front001

STEP 2.a

In this step I concentrate on drawing the outline of a car and its basic elementary shapes which will define the main forms and shapes. I am drawing digitally in Photoshop using a graphic tablet, hence I am drawing half of a car’s front (i will merge the Photoshop layer at then end and flip it horizontally to get the full image). If you are using pen and a paper, i still recommend you to draw half of the car, this way you will learn faster, save more time and be more creative.

Start off by drawing the centre line (i.e. split the front of the car into two by drawing a vertical line in the middle of a paper). Then divide the centre line with a horizontal line. Top part is our front window, and the bottom part is the main body of the car.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front002a

Draw the rough outline of a car, tire and front grill.
Sketch a Day 007_tut_front002b
Add rough details such as side mirrors, lights, lower grills/air vents, hood outline etc. Design the rough shapes at this stage. Later we will define them and bring up the details (if you are sketching with a pen and paper, draw very lightly at this stage, they should be so slight that you should barely see the lines, these lines should act as guidelines only at this stage and help you with final drawing at the later stages).


Sketch a Day 007_tut_front002

STEP 2.b

Picture below shows some proportions and scale. When design sketching, I try to not to follow some rules or theories, just sketch and see if proportions look correct, get your eyes used to get to see what looks good and what looks wrong. To get to this stage it will take time and many trial and errors, from those mistakes you will eventually progress you skills. By the way, you do not have to have the same proportions as mine, your design could be different.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front002a

Step 2 is the most important part of the whole process. It is where you establish the foundation of your drawing. Once you get it right, the rest is pretty much easy, well it should be, that is the whole point of the step 2, to make the next steps much easier.


Since i draw in Photoshop digitally like i said earlier, i create another layer on top of the rough sketch layer, and start adding details, make cleaner and smoother strokes (it’s not that smooth at all in the picture below though :D…).

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front003


I add more details, outline of the front grill/vent, then outline of the front headlights, outline of the lower grills/vent. Always sketch bigger forms first (i.e. outlines), once you get them right, it will be easier to draw the smaller forms (i.e. details). Also, design the car part as you go along.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front004


Added side mirror and front headlight details…

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front005


Added few design lines under the front headlight.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front006


Added front grill details.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front007


At this stage i was happy with my sketch. I deleted the base layer (the layer i drew in step 2), then duplicated the main sketch layer and flipped it horizontally by using free transform tool in Photoshop. If you sketched with a pen and paper, you can scan you image and do the same technique, duplicate it and flip it horizontally and position it in order to get the whole image. At this point, the sketch is done. You can add more details but that would be up to you.

Sketch a Day 007_tut_front008


What i like to do lastly is to shade it quickly to give the drawing some depth and value.


Sketch a Day 007_tut_front009

I hope this post on drawing cars from front view was helpful for you.
Let me know how you get on with the tutorial, any suggestions or questions, leave them below in comments box.

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Keep practising!

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