How to Draw Cars 3/4 View with No Perspective

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How to Draw Cars 3/4 View with No Perspective



Yo! In this tutorial I will show you how to draw cars in 3/4 view with no perspective. Whatever your skill level is it will be useful, hopefully! The aim here is to start with simple lines and build up our drawing by the end of the tutorial. Use any media you have, the point is is to learn. Any questions just ask below in the comments section. Let’s start…


Step 1

As you may noticed from my previous tutorials, I start any drawing with a ground line, it basically places/locates your object on a paper. Even though I sketch digitally to demonstrate this tutorial, this techniques can be used in traditional media. So the first step is to draw your ground line.

001_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

Step 2

Draw identical semi circles on the ground line. Distance between circles and circle width is related to each other, smaller the circle width, shorter the distance between them (which means you will see more front of the car rather than the side of it), bigger the circle width, longer the distance between them (but you will see more side view of the car than the front). You will understand this principle by drawing and experimenting with your sketches.

002_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

Step 3

Draw the same type of circles but on the opposite side to indicate the far side wheels of the car. Wheels A-A indicate left side of a car, and B-B indicates the far side, the right side of a car.

003_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective a

Step 4

If you read my previous tutorial on proportions, by now you should know that distance between wheels equals to roughly 3 wheels (it totally depends on what you are designing, don’t limit it to just 3 wheels, experiment with different scales and proportions). Image below shows the distance from back wheel to the front, this is purely for explanation purposes, just a reminder for yo to avoid weird proportions in the future.

004_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

Step 5

If you read my tutorial on elementary shapes, by know you should know that a car is just a box if we simplify its shape. Below I drew a simple box which houses all four wheels. Cross hatched side could be our car’s front or rear. This gives us even clear visual understanding of the car’s positioning. The box should located above the ground line so we leave some space for ground clearance.

005_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

Step 6

Just like we drew the box to indicate the body of a car, we will repeat that step and draw a box on top to indicate our car’s cabin, or lets say its interior.

006_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

Step 7

As you can see we have the structure of a car and from here we can start designing it. Sketch process must be done lightly or visually so you will have cleaner sketch at the end, you will get there by practice only. I hatched some parts of it so you get more understanding of the forms.

007_a_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

Step 8

Below is a sketch on top of the sketch we did in step 7. Just be creative and mainly you don’t have to use any perspective lines which makes it easier and less daunting. I hope you like it!

008_Sketch a Day 009_TUT 43 no perspective

  • SumeeTopgear
    Posted at 15:21h, 22 January Reply

    Is drawing the box recommended for drawing any type of car? even specifics?

      Posted at 20:09h, 22 January Reply

      Hey! U can draw anything by using the box technique. It just makes things simpler before you start drawing any object. You can even draw a human head by using boxes! Thanks

  • arshia
    Posted at 15:56h, 28 July Reply

    hello!! thank you for the nice explanation. could you please do the same tutorial in perspective?
    Thank you

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