Car Sketch One Point Perspective Fundamentals

Car Sketch One Point Perspective Fundamentals

Step 1

This is a simple tutorial on one point perspective side view sketch of a car. First step is to draw your perspective lines as in the image below. Like again we start with a simple box shape and progress from it.


Step 2

You don’t have to sketch this step, it is just for explanation purposes. car-sketch-perspective-side-view-02

Step 3

When i sketch in perspective mode, i usually draw rough locations of each wheels, see picture below. It’ll give you better understanding of positioning of the whole car in general. Keep in mind that center of wheels must meet at Vanishing Point (V/P)car-sketch-perspective-side-view-03

Step 4

Once we have the overall positioning of wheel, we can then draw an outline of our object. Do not go into detailing yet, keep it simple and just draw an outline.


Step 5

Once you are happy with your outline, you can slowly switch to next step and start adding small details here and there. Star with big objects first, such as front and side windows. Front hood, front and rear lights, just draw their outlines. Remember we go from drawing loose outlines to detailing. Some people draw details first and mess up the overall composition! So we do the opposite in order to save time and avoid

Step 6

Keep adding details. Added interior details, doors, lights, etc.


Step 7

Once you are happy with the details, you can add wheels next. I tend to sketch wheels at the end, it depends of course. You can sketch them right at the beginning if you wish! car-sketch-perspective-side-view-08

Step 8

Very last stage is when i add some hatching and shadow details. Don’t go too specific about shadow location, add some hatching under the car and some in interiors, play around with it and see how you get on. car-sketch-perspective-side-view-09

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